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Metrilo is a small SaaS startup company based in Sofia. We're building a product that makes it possible for eCommerce stores to learn valuable insights about their customers based on their behavior.

We're looking for a Customer Success and Marketing intern to help us with the following:

  • Communication with existing customers. Making sure they're getting the maximum out of Metrilo's features and learning if there is something that's stopping them from doing that.
  • Saying the best "hi" ever and onboarding new users
  • Approaching and evaluating leads
  • Marketing at possible prospects at social medias (eg. Quora)
  • Taking care of our content marketing efforts

Requirements for the position:

  • You need to have The Entrepreneurial Seed in you. We're a small company and we act like one.
  • English. Almost all of our customers (and future ones) are abroad. It'll be great if you don't sound like Russian mafia boss or Indian phone support representative. You know what we mean.
  • Passion. Both for working hard and learning new things.

What we offer:

  • We're pretty cool.
  • Our coffee is amazing and it's always there when you need it. And we DO know you need it. We're almost barista-level specialists over here. And we don't mean the Starbucks definition of a barista. Anyway...
  • A nice office on Bulgaria Blvd in one of the craziest buildings in Sofia
  • Flexible working schedule if you're still a student (none of us managed to graduate so we absolutely respect your patience)
  • Full-time position if we manage to like each other. We're not looking for somebody to basically do our dirty work, we're looking for somebody to join our team on our mission to turn Metrilo into a kick-ass SaaS business operating out of Sofia.
  • The most valuable part of it imho - learning how to operate a small business that's trying to get big and learning how to work in extremely dynamic startup environment. Not going to quote some Steve Jobs shit here, but you get the point.

P.S. We have some awesome tea as well for those mystical hipster non-coffee drinkers. We like you too.

Thank you for going through the effort of reading our shit. You're probably a true hero. Now go ahead and prove it by applying for the position.


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