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Internship description


Company name: MB “Funtopdun.com”
Website: www.funtopfun.com
Sector: Management and administration; Customer service; Tourism and event organization; Copywriting; translation IT; Website administration; Creative tasks
Missions entrusted to the intern: Completion of tasks on time, operative communication with team members and other persons, exemplary performance of practice tasks.
Brief description of the practice:

The tasks will be varied (E. g. creating tour descriptions, communicating with guides, uploaded tours on our page, looking information in network and etc.). Let us know in letter if you want specific tasks.

Your task will be evaluated by the person who assigned the task. The evaluation of the task consists of 2 points: time and quality. An average will be derived from these scores automatically.

Location: We are located in Lithuania. All internship take place remotely, therefore it does not matter whether the intern lives far from Lithuania.
Period: Internships are offered all year.
Useful information: The internship is offered with or without a contract
Contact: career@funtopfun.com
How to apply: To join us send an email with your resume to career@funtopfun.com