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Welcome to the AIOSPHERE!
It’s your turn to become The Next A.I. Guardian.


We’re looking for those who can identify and solve local or global education pain-points through Artificial Intelligence. Think at any level you would like, but it’s important to address issues around universities or education process.

Join our competition and win your place in a unique A.I. Bootcamp in Warsaw where you will be trained by the top minds in the field – from Microsoft engineers, managers to our biggest partners.


You will be greatly rewarded

Winners will have the opportunity to participate in an all-expenses paid 3-day bootcamp in Warsaw, Poland* and get their hands on the latest Surface Pro** devices.

Not to mention you will take your place in the A.I. Hall of Fame. Younger students will want to be like you, future employers will look for you. After all, you do deserve the spotlight.




Got a project in mind? Perfect! Here’s what you need:


1. The call to arms

It’s time to gather your team. We recommend to have at least: 4 students, 1 researcher, 1 professor (optional).


2. Your university = your garrison. Step up to the challenge.

Design a solution based on A.I. that addresses today’s higher-education pain points. Think locally or even globally, but make sure you have a plan in mind to solve this issue.


3.The elevator pitch

Finalize your idea and present it in a video format by January 4th.
There are 25 eligible countries in this competition so make sure to stand out from the crowd.

For judging criterias and useful resources, be sure to check out our official Facebook page: Microsoft A.I. Bootcamps.


The timeline - here’s how it works:

The video challenge
January 4th
Present your idea in a 2-3 minute video. No demo necessary at this point, make sure to focus on the issue, how to solve it and why.

Submission deadline: January 4th 2018


Announcement of the qualified teams
January 11th
We will judge the videos from 25 countries and the best ideas will move to the next stage.

Announcement of qualified team: January 11th


Demo and project description
February 28th
The qualified teams will have and a half (January 12th - February 28th) to implement a demo of their idea.
Make sure you use this time wisely.


The call
March 1st
It’s time to show your skills. You will be invited to a Teams call to present your idea & demo. Make sure you know it inside-out. Only 5 teams will make to the final.
Team calls interval: March 1st - March 15th


Announcement of the finalist teams
March 22nd


Preparation for final pitch gala
April 10th
The A.I. Guardian title will not be given lightly.
You will have until April 10th to polish every single project detail.


Final Gala - The Shark Tank
April 11th
This is where everything gets real. The top 5 winning teams will be invited to the A.I. Bootcamp in Warsaw, Poland. You will get to present your concept to top minds so make sure you’re ready to sell your idea and to answer hard questions.


Final Gala - April 11th – 13th

* Microsoft will cover full cost of the camp 5 winning team including hotel and airfare.

Local approval from both the Government Entity and then Microsoft’s Internal Compliance and Legal Departments will be necessary, in order for us to cover all expenses. If any local laws or policies prevent this from happening, you will still be able to attend at your own cost.


** If the Surface Pro is not available in your country, an alternative device will be offered.


*** Eligible countries: Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Russia Hungary, Romania, Poland, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova.


That’s it. Fingers crossed!! :)




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