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Experian Summer Practice 2018 is here!


Dear colleagues,

We would like to announce that the Experian Summer Practice 2018 in ACES team is now ope for application. Feel free to spread the news with your friends and acquaintances!


Who could participate? For 2+ year Bachelor’s and Master’s students in Mathematics, Econometrics Statistics, Finance or related.


Why? The students will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge of statistics during the Summ Practice at Experian, while obtaining skills for modelling and creating standardized score cards. The fin goal is to develop a financial model to estimate the credit risk, using real data.

The major benefit from the training for the participants is the development of a business strategy and findi statistical relationships when analyzing data, which will allow the students to take hold of the real applicati of their knowledge in mathematics and statistics. Students will also have the opportunity to become famili with the Modelling Development Studio, a dedicated Experian software.


When? The Summer Practice will take place in the period 9 and 20 July, 2018.


Where? Experian office


If you consider that your friends would like to participate in the Summer Practice, you could share the official webpage of the program http://summerpractice.scoreit.bg/ or the Facebook post.


The deadline for applications is 11th June 2018. A form on the website should be filled in. Should you have any questions about the Summer Practice, feel free to reach Dimitar.Vasilev@experian.com.