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The Cerciras Training School is intended for all interested individuals with education or work focus and experience in fields related to Resource Awareness in Informatics, Software or Computer Engineering, and System Usage. We welcome candidates from all eligible Countries according to COST Annotated Rule.

The lecture topics featured by the Training School program do not place especially high barriers on prior skills and knowledge by the participants. The Training School program includes hands-on laboratories that will require participants to carry out technical work that they may not be an expert with. On-site assistance will be provided (by the lecturers themselves or aids of theirs) to help out those in need.

The Training School is designed as a full-immersion full-time event, which does not allow for part-time attendance during the day or across days. The programmatic intent of the Training School is to get all participants collectively and synchronously across all of the topics addressed by all lectures so that the whole experience is shared by all participants.


The Training School shall accommodate up to 26 participants from eligible Countries according to COST Annotated Rule. Participation of all the trainees will be supported by the CERCIRAS COST Action CA19135 based on the reimbursement funding model. The CERCIRAS Action will reimburse long-distance traveling expenses and Daily Allowance, where Daily Allowance is a flat rate defined to cover accommodation, meals, local transport, and staying fees according to COST Annotated Rule. The Local Organizer will provide full-board accommodation (5 nights, from Monday until Saturday) for all trainees in shared double rooms at the hosting institution dormitory.

Applications will be welcome through the application page until the end of the day (CET), Friday, August 19.

Applicants will be asked to specify:

  • their current study or work position
  • their affiliation including country
  • short biography
  • an explicit expression of motivation (why you wish to participate in this Summer School)
  • and a commitment to full-time attendance.


Priority in the selection will be given to applicants who have completed their MSc studies and may be either in the process of pursuing a Ph.D. or employed in the industry. Attention will be paid to balancing participation among country, institution, and gender as well as sectors, domains, and disciplines.

Notifications of acceptance shall be communicated to applicants by the end of Monday, August 29.

You can find more information here.