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The 5th Edition of the Rotman European Trading Competition (retc.luiss.it) will be held online on Friday, August 26th, 2022.

RETC is the acronym of Rotman European Trading Competition, the quantitative-finance competition “born from a rib” of the Rotman International Trading Competition, the world’s largest simulated market challenge, held annually in Toronto, one of North America’s largest financial centres.


RETC will be using the RIT Market Simulator platform to run the RIT Decision Cases designed for the competition. The RIT’s official website offers detailed information about the RIT Market Simulator and associated RIT Decision Cases; and allows you to download the RIT Client to your computer. On the RIT website you will find a demo of the software as well as tutorial videos and a practice case.

For detailed instructions on how to install the RIT Client and the RTD Links, please see the RIT Client and RTD Installation Instructions.

For information on how to use the RIT Client and its features, please refer to the following User Guides: