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Здравейте! В iCOVER ще намерите възможности за развитие в сферата на Pre-employment screening и Business Intelligence (Risk and Compliance) подходящи и за кандидати с малко опит. Свържете се с нас, за да Ви разкажем!


iCOVER specializes in Wholesale Background Screening Solutions for the global market. We are an international company with operational headquarters in Paris, backed by a network of offices worldwide, which offer strategic global reach for all your business needs. Our expertise lies in data collection, research & verification of information, analysis, and reporting. Our clients know that we are diligent, always prepared to go the extra distance to deliver compliant, accurate, and timely results. We have offices in Sofia and Plovdiv with many career development opportunities for fresh graduates!

Интернет страница на компанията: https://www.icover-services.com/

Портал за обяви за работа и стаж в компанията: https://www.icover-services.com/careers/


Виртуален щанд 1: https://meet.google.com/hch-zsmb-odc

Лице, представляващо компанията: Вероника Стойновска, vstoynovska@icover-services.com, +359879111582


Данни за връзка с представител на компанията: Вероника Стойновска, vstoynovska@icover-services.com, +359879111582