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FEBA organizes online lecture Graham Bishop on “BREXIT – is it the end of the City?” at 13:00 on 23.11.2016 hall “25 years FEBA” – 2nd floor


Graham Bishop is renowned for his vision and the courage to propose radical ideas, yet ground them in a mastery of the technical details of the financial system... to the extent that he has even been referred to as a one-man think tank. His recent appointment as a Professorial Research Fellow at London Metropolitan University's Global Policy Institute illustrates his standing. Moreover, he was recently re-elected to the National Executive (and then to the Executive Committee) of the UK branch of the European Movement.


Due to his influence at the meeting point of politics, economics and finance, President Barroso appointed him in 2013 to be a member of the European Commission's Expert Group looking into initiatives for the joint issuance of debt in the form of a redemption fund and eurobills.


For the past three years, Graham has been developing a proposal for a ‘Temporary Eurobill Fund’. He has already presented the idea to both the European Commission and European Parliament, as well as around the EU. As a result, the concept has evolved substantially. Such a development would change the euro area government debt market dramatically and mark another step towards "Completing the Economic and Monetary Union."


Mr. Bishop graduated from Sheffield University in 1972 with a degree in Jurisprudence and worked for UK stockbrokers, Phillips & Drew, as an international economist with particular reference to equity markets. In 1979, he joined S G Warburg to manage pension fund portfolios. His emphasis moved from European equity markets to bonds and currencies, culminating in a move to Salomon Brothers/Citigroup in 1983. Initially, his economic commentaries covered the bond and currency markets of Europe. He authored Citigroup research on the issues surrounding monetary union after it became a serious possibility in 1988. As Adviser on European Financial Affairs at Citigroup in London, he reported to the Co-Chief Executives in Europe.


He is a member of the European League for Economic Co-operation (ELEC), a Council Member, Federal Trust; member of the UK European Movement’s National Council.


Visit his website: www.grahambishop.com