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Program Details

What: Veolia Summmer School

Purpose: To bring together 35-40 students from around the world to address environmental services and hear from Veolia experts, meet with operations staff, site visits, business case, group discussions and cultural visits.


  • Increase awareness concerning the environmental stakes for sustainable cities.
  • Introduce international students to the business and activities related to environmental services.

Where: Campus Veolia, Jouy-le-Moutier, France (30 km from Paris).

When: June 24 – July 02, 2018

Expenses: Travel with some conditions, board and lodgings will be covered by Veolia.


Students entering their last year (2018) of masters studies in environment, engineering or business.
Fluent in English (all presentations will be in English)Must have a current and valid passport.
For those selected, a copy of the passport will be sent to Paris HR.

Application Process :

Simply write a one page letter describing your fields of study, projects you have been involved in while in college and why you might benefit from being part of a program like this. In addition, please include a current resume

Due Date: 09 May 2018

Submit to: Eliza Edmond, Recruitment manager

Selection Process:

Letters and resumes will be sent to Paris HR for review by May 25, 2018
Decisions will be made and students will be notified by end of May, 2018