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Веолия покрива всички разноски по пътуването и пребиваването и за обучението е необходимо владеене на английски език.


Program Details


What: Veolia Summer School

Purpose: To bring together 30-40 students from around the world to address environmental services and hear from Veolia experts, meet with operations staff, site visits, business case, group discussions and cultural visits.


  • Increase awareness concerning the environmental stakes for sustainable cities;
  • Introduce international students to the business and activities related to environmental services;
  • Create an international network

Where: Campus Veolia, Jouy-le-Moutier, France (30 km from Paris, France).

When: June 26 – July 4, 2016

Expenses: Travel, accommodation and food service will be totally covered by Veolia.


Students entering their last year in 2016 of masters studies in environment, engineering or business.

Fluent in English: all presentations will be in English

Must have a current and valid passport

For those selected, a copy of the passport will be sent to Paris HR.


Application Process:

Simply write a one page letter describing your fields of study, projects you have been involved in while in college and why you might benefit from being part of a program like this.

In addition, please include a current resume and contact details.

Due Date: March 10, 2016

Submit to: Elisa Edmond (position), Senior recruitment specialist

Mail: eedmond@sofiyskavoda.bg

Selection Process:

Interviews will be held with Veolia Bulgaria HR by March 19, 2016

Decisions will be made and students will be notified by March 31, 2016